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"The rumble and rapture of Frank X. Gaspar's Late Rapturous is the clash of ancient faith and postmodern anxiety, one man's account of the fullest range of living. I have loved Gaspar's work since The Holyoke, so it's no small moment to say that this is his finest work — wrought and raw, barren and plush, wide–lined, full–throated—poetry driven by the most pressing incommensurates into parables of sea–salt and mountain ecstasies. He says 'it's been war my whole life,' and he means this paradox, this battle for belief, purpose, and soulful connection." — David Baker

"From his writing room near the ocean in southern California, Frank Gaspar makes an irresistible music that crosses over from the inner to the outer, from memory to the moment, from the earth to the farthest stars and back again. I've loved his work for years and it just gets better and better, and unbelievable better. Gaspar is an ecstatic, and Late Rapturous is visionary, planetary and quietly wise." — Dorianne Laux

"I'm afraid I love everything Portuguese for one of my ancient cousins four or five centuries ago came from Lisbon; but I also like Gaspar's poems because of their wandering, their long lines, and their secret messages. He has faith in the poem; he knows it will somehow happen. It's that faith I praise." — Gerald Stern

— "Simic and Gaspar Twenty Years Apart" by Susan Kelly-DeWitt in Coal Hill Review
— "Frank X. Gaspar’s Late Rapturous Reviewed By Gerry LaFemina" at

Poems from Late Rapturous:

Black Notebook, #5, Lisbon
The Wild Swans
When You Saw the Lighning


Late Rapturous, Frank X. Gaspar. (Autumn House Press) July 1, 2012 (88 pp) ISBN-13: 978-1932870602
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